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We see talent/passion as gifts from God to all. The proper utilization of talent therefore gives room for God to be expressed, which also serves as an act of worship. We believe that worship in itself is beyond music/singing. It is a totality of who we are and the culture we live by. It revolves around how we maximize every step of our lives and gifts given to us in dedication to God’s purpose as inspired by His fullness.

Hence, it is our goal to promote a totality of inspired living and help cultivate a lifestyle/culture of worship by providing a platform to maximize gifts that express, fuel passion and enrich lives.

We have chosen to do these via a series of live recordings under the umbrella of  ‘praiseworthy‘. An opportunity to give different artistes a medium to speak well of our God (Isaiah 63:7 & psalm 22:22), inspire and be inspired.

Praiseworthy is born out of a deeply rooted desire and need to express and inspire total worship to God as well as encourage people to do same, because a lifestyle of worship is a lifestyle of total living.

It is a platform to speak of His good works and produce inspiring content that can be experienced by many long afterwards.

Praiseworthy is powered by Kore Multimedia a company that renders excellent media services such as cinematography, photography, printing/ publishing, graphic design, and more.

A major part of Kore Multimedia’s vision expressed in praiseworthy is the creation and promotion of excellent, value driven, inspiring and enriching media content as well as supporting/promoting positively inspiring talents/artistes who also provide such.

This edition slated for Aug 19, 2017 will feature individual sessions for music artistes, poets, spoken words as well as several other artistic expressions.

In view of this we are pleased to invite you to be a part of Praiseworthy.

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