Learn photography, videography, camera handling, photo editing, retouching and video editing classes that will be facilitated by respective seasoned professionals, as well as mastering softwares such as Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe Lightroom.



Most creative participant wins a brand new DSLR camera

22nd – 25th of July 2019

8am-4pm daily

The creative workshop is aimed towards

  • Promoting creative enlightenment and expression, entrepreneurial empowerment and strengthening creative employment chances for young people in today’s digital economy
  • Helping young teenagers and young adults have a stronger focus on entrepreneurship and self development
  • Developing the creative and innovative potential of young people through non-formal learning in ways that are equally relevant to high earned employability
  • Training young people with creative skills needed to navigate and co-create the future workforce hereby creating jobs for others.
  • Helping them to be  better equipped to set up their own businesses and stand alone as creative entrepreneurs without dependence on insufficient and sometimes unavailable employment opportunities