How to ensure your wedding / pre-wedding photos are dashingly gorgeous

When it comes to achieving wedding or pre wedding photos that are simply gorgeous, there are a number of factors that come into play. Some of these tips are to be applied in differing ways depending on whether its a wedding or pre-wedding. A mixture of fun, spontaneity, proper planning and execution can give you photos that are simply stunning. 

1. Pick the right photographer:

People erroneously think that an expensive and popular photographer equals sure results. Sometimes the reverse may be the case, as some photographers are actually overbooked and usually end up giving too less attention and precision to each client in a bid to meet up with the flooding demands.

However some may have just learned the perfect way to keep things optimally balanced. Some still, have become such masters of the trade, they do not see the need to listen to your concerns but would rather prefer to dish things to you in the guise of ‘professional advice’.

Our advice, find a photographer that pays attention to your needs and concerns and make sure the photographer fully understands what you expect from the shoot.

2.Choose your theme:

What kind of photography do you want? Decide on your theme, props and clothing, then make the other factors fit around it. If you don’t know how to go about this, ask your photographer, friends or search online for ideas.

A theme guides the photographer into understanding what kind of lenses, and items he will need at the location and how well they blend with the nature and view of the site.

3.Choose a location:

If you don’t already have one yet discuss with your photographer, explain the theme/vision for your photos i.e what you intend to achieve and he could suggest places to you that would suit your theme. Once you have suggestions, visit each of those places beforehand if you can afford it, take your photographer along in order to have a more accurate mental visualisation and find out whether or not that location is perfect for the picture you intend to achieve. This is because different locations carry with them different looks and feel. Your photographer would be in the best position to tell whether or not the location suits your vision best, but that’s ofcourse if he completely understands your vision.

4. Prepare Adequately:
Never show up in a pre-wedding or wedding shoot hurried or impatient because it could affect your photos.

The more relaxed and motivated you are, the more natural your poses and facial expressions will be. 

Make sure you have your day well planned out, and everything that is needed has been acquired well in time to avoid last minute hassles. Ensure that you have fully prepared before the wedding shoot. Be relaxed, take your time and allow the photographer enough time to maximise his/her creativity.

One useful tip for wedding photos is to allow yourself to be relaxed and joyful all through the event, you never know when that spontaneous priceless shot will be taken.

5. Allot a specific time:

Lots of people forget to allot a specific time for their wedding shoot to be taken on the wedding day. One of the most risky mistakes to make is to decide to just go with the flow or just assume the pictures can be taken in between events. This is not a proper time allotment as the events might not have enough time in between which means the couple, photographer and guests could end up being under a lot of pressure which will not help the shoot.

For best results, treat the shoot like an event on its own and make sure you allot more than enough time for a proper shoot and don’t forget to discuss with the photographer about a proper location for the shoot as well.

If you do not have enough time for a proper shoot on that day you can pre-arrange with the photographer to do a retake on another date after the wedding( perhaps the next day).

This could allow you both enough time and flexibility to be in your best spirits while allowing the photographer work his magic with ease. Of course this could cost you perhaps a little more, but for that prize, i think the the price is worth more.

6.Watch the weather and timing:

There are good seasons for photo shoots and bad seasons. There are peak seasons for photoshoots and low seasons. There are also better times in a day for photoshoots and terrible times depending on the location. Find out what time and season work best for a photo shoot at that particular location. You don’t want to have your shoot spoiled by a rainy and soggy or misty atmosphere. But hey! Who says you can’t dance even in the rain?

Most venues have different times when the shoots can best be done. Some locations have a great sunrise view, and others have great sunset views. Some give the best shoot when the sun is overhead at around on time. It’s also critical to know how much time you have. Some venues charge per hour and some don’t. Find out as much as possible.

7. Cost:

Have you run down the budget? How much will the photographer charge you? How much will the props cost? Does the location need a permit? How much does it cost? Are there any other expenses such as transport that you will need for the shoot? Just make sure you have a clear budget of how much the entire shoot will cost.

At Kore multimedia distinction and affordability is our watchword.Tell us your budget and we’ll make it work. If you don’t know where to start, call 08062122017 or contact us. You can also take advantage of our ongoing FREE PRE-WEDDING PROMO

8.Be flexible and have fun.

Remember the photos is what will remain, long after the wedding is over. So have fun and enjoy yourself. Be authentic. Be silly. Be natural. Yes you’ve made your plans, still, don’t be too rigid, be spontaneous. There are no hard and fast rules about a pre-wedding shoot. Just relax and have fun. Pre-wedding shoots should capture as much of your journey and personality as possible.

Be flexible, your photographer could make suggestions that may seem outside your usual personality. Except they negate your values, loosen up and try them out. You never can tell.

And just incase you’re still wondering whether or not to have a pre-wedding shoot, then check out Why are pre-wedding photo shoots such a big deal? or check out some of our pre-wedding shots.

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