Why are pre-wedding photo shoots such a big deal?

Today, Pre-Wedding Couple shoot has become almost a mandatory and common ritual for many couples leaving some people wondering why pre-wedding photo shoots are such a big deal.

Although we prefer to see it as more of an opportunity to have some fun, while creating some long lasting and priceless memories rather than a traditional ritual, we also think its a big deal. 

And here’s why?

Pre -Wedding shoots capture those special feelings and emotions, which will soon be replaced by deeper intimacy and greater acquaintance.

They capture the love-chemistry of a couple before the actual wedding. After the wedding, familiarity could grow, coupled with the emotional stress that comes with the turpsy-turvy of raising kids and perhaps managing a career, financial pressures, and so much more. For some, all the romance goes to the backyard as couples settle into their new reality. And as years go by, the romance goes down even farther.

Pre-wedding photos are a great way to remind ourselves of one very important part of marriage that couples end up not giving enough attention to, the fun!

When we find ourselves at that point in marriage where everything feels like we’re a thousand miles away from our spouse even though we live in the same house, something is definitely not right. No matter what comes, marriage is to be enjoyed! Partners are meant to stick together and enjoy the ride together come rain or shine. Easier said than done right? True, but definitely worth the effort.

So just incase you’re wondering where to even begin to revive the sparkle in your marriage or your home, here’s a trick that works. Go back to your old photos, yea, pre-wedding photos sure come in very handy here. No matter how long the marriage has been what it takes to bring life into marriage again is a decision to do so. A nda good place to start, is through a reminder of what used to be, or better said, what should be.

Lest I forget, you don’t even want to have nothing to show when you’re gisting your kids or grand kids of the days of your beginnings, just before the journey of your romance took a new turn for a whole new level, marriage.

And yes, I know  what you’re thinking, your wedding pictures can say it all, right? Now lets put it this way, marriage is a huge leap in a whole new direction. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to miss a chance to capture every possible moment before the big day arrives and snatches that single hood forever! And yes, for good too. Afterall, moments gone can never be regained,  can they? Only except you capture them, of course!

While preparing for their pre-wedding shoot, couples scout for locations, and themes for their shoot and want to make it one of the most special events of their wedding. Some couples want to recreate the scene of their courtship days. So they take their photographer to their favourite places, places where they have been on dates with each other or proposed to each other. Some want to get their first love letter photographed and preserved for the rest of their life. Some however simply leave it to the photographer to unleash his creativity and capture their love in a special way.

Whichever category you belong, we’ve got you covered. Just call us now to book your date! You should take advantage of our ongoing FREE PRE-WEDDING PROMO or start by taking a look at How to ensure your wedding/ pre-wedding photos are dashingly gorgeous. You can also check out a few of our pre-wedding shots.

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